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Book: World Scouting – Educating for Global Citizenship

World Scouting – Educating for Global Citizenship by Eduard Vallory was first published in hard cover in 2012 and the released in paperback in 2013. It is now available on Amazon for Scouters that are interested in an academic study of the Scout Movement.

The author’s overview of the book at http://worldscoutingthebook.net/overview states:

Many works have been written on scouting worldwide, but most of them were centered in a particular country or moment of history. This book, based on the first existing academic research on world scouting, explains in a very comprehensible way the main characteristics of (boy and girl) Scouting, the largest youth movement in the planet, existing in more than 165 countries of the five continents. Using new data and storytelling, the work covers the main elements that distinguish the scout movement over the world, and explains its origin, evolution, operating system, and the soundness of its values.

The book includes a comprehensive bibliography of literature related to Scouting, is well documented with hundreds of footnotes citing sources for the author’s statements, and well blended with a good storytelling style. This is a must have book for any Scouter wanting to have a complete library of books related to Scouting!

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Scouts Australia – Kon-Tiki Raft Competition

Taking a challenge from Scouts South Africa, the SA Branch of Scouts Australia organized a Kon-Tiki Raft Competition that ran from 23-25 March 2012 at Lake Bonney in Barmera, SA and involved around 200 Scouts and family members from around South Australia.  During the competition an Adelaide radio station, FiveAA, picked up the story and did a two part interview with the event organizer.  You can listen to both parts here:

The news article, Brand New Flotilla of (not very) luxurious marine accommodation to be launched at Lake Bonney this Saturday. in two parts can be found at these links:

Part 1: http://www.fiveaa.com.au/audio_scouts-at-lake-bonney-pt-1_104633

Part 2: http://www.fiveaa.com.au/audio_scouts-at-lake-bonney-pt-2_104634

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WOSM’s Bear Grylls Interview

At 37, Bear Grylls is the youngest Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and in many ways a global ambassador for Scouting.  He is well known for his roles in television programs like Man vs Wild and Born Survivor.  The World Organization of the Scout Movement has published a great interview with Mr. Grylls, ‘Scouting helped me to be prepared’ – Bear Grylls, an interview, at http://www.scout.org/en/information_events/news/bear_grylls_interview.  This World Scouting Special Feature is well worth the read and highly recommended.

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UK Scouts Deliver the Mail

Great news story by the BBC – Scouts’ Christmas post raises money. In many areas of the UK, Scout Groups provide an alternative postal service for Christmas greeting cards and in turn raise money to support Scouting. The news story shows how it works in the Somerset area. (In a time of postal cuts here in the U.S., maybe this is an idea that could spread here and catch on!)

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Outstanding Scouting Video from Argentina

The Scouts of Argentina have produced a tremendous video titled “Invisible World Festival – Messengers of Peace” that is definitely worth watching! Thumbs up.

More videos from the Scouting “Messengers of Peace” channel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/ScoutsMessengers

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